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We do need all riders to submit the registration fee. 100% of all rider-raised funds go directly to cancer research and treatment at The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research and the Northwell Health System. Your registration fee enables this to happen.  There are two Registration Fee Options:

Option 1 - $125 Standard Registration Fee.
To complete your registration please submit the standard registration fee of $85 click the pay now button. You are committing to raise a minimum of $500. In fact most riders exceed this amount. Start immediately to ask for support. You have until October 1st to raise the minimum of $500. Try to raise as much as possible!  Special gifts from our sponsors for riders who raise over $1,000!

Option 2- Fundraising not required. Submit a registration fee of $375. As an incentive to fundraise achieve $750 in donations and receive a $100 refund! Click the pay now button. You have until October 1st to raise $750 or MORE!

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