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Please click the donate button next to the rider you want to support

Dedicated cyclists are riding n the Long Island Bicycle Challenge to raise funds to defeat COVID-19 cancer. Your donation supports Feinstein Institute/Northwell Health System researchers and healthcare workers on the front lines battling the pandemic. 

Want to send a check - Remit to Long Island Bike Challenge, 1366 Odell St.

Wantagh, NY 11793 (please write name of rider you're supporting on memo line of check or enclose a note) 

The Long Island Bike Challenge is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) tax status, so your gift is tax-deductible. Tax ID # 27-3334500. 

VERY IMPORTANT! Many employers MATCH employee charitable donations.  Please check to see if your employer will match your donation!!

Click Teams Button for page listing of all bike riders on Teams.


Amanda Adamo

Andrew Adsit

Barry Albert

Craig A.Andreoli

Vincent  Antonelli

Reid Arstark

Nicholas Blaine

Tj Boegle

Jonathan Brody

Henry Brunjes

John Buzanga

Michael Casalotti

William Chimeri

Phil Cicero

Brian Dalpiaz

Ryan Crilley

Robert Dalpiaz

Veronica D'Aquaro

Gene Dassing

Alice Diacosavvas

Julian Dickson

Edward Diller

Tom Ehllers

Roberto Echevarria

Lyndon Espiritu

Justin Famularo

Charles Fee

Fred Fefer

Joey Duarte

Nelson Ferreira

Rockwell Fransen

Stephen Goldhorn

Steve Goldstein

Mark Graber

Evan Greenberg

Amaury Hernandez

Nathan Hausspiegel

Shicun Hu

Yiqun Huang

Eric  Johnson

Dawid Janik

Evan Johnson

Brendan Keys

Randi Kohanim

Nick Lalli

Philippe Malebranche

Lori Marr

Spencer Marr

Kevin McGrady

Joshua Montezuma

Matt Moss

Shannon Myles

Eric Nickola

Alejandro Orellana

Angella Osborne

Adam Oshrain

Roni Pagano

    Caroline Pangbourne

Katherine Persky

Danny Pimentel

Elliott Stanton Phipps

Rich Portogallo

Anthony Ponte

Chirag Raparia

Chris Russo

Arnoldo Saravia

 Lee Schalop

Lisa Shaffer

Erika Schacht

Melanie Scicchitano

Bob Stier

Mat Stollow

Brian Sullivan

Vincent Sullivan

Jason Tewes

Gwen Townsend

Angela Turner

       Jovel Velasquez 

Lizeth Victoria

Pam Waluk

Jeffrey Wendelken

Lorraine Winters

Terence Winters

Ben Winrauke

Hai Winrauke

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