In order to complete the registration process you must submit the registration fee. This fee allows the LIBC to direct 100% of monies raised by bike riders to support the work being done by The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research of the Northwell Health System. 

Please choose the correct payment to match your registration option:

Option 1: $85.00. Your credit card will be charged a fee of $85.00. This fee non-refundable. The LIBC is a 
serious physical as well as fundraising challenge and you are agreeing to ask your contacts (friends, 
family, work colleagues, etc.) to support your efforts. Please try to achieve the goal of $500 by October 1, 
2020. Of course, exceeding the goal of $500 is strongly encouraged! The purpose of this event is to find 
cures to cancer, melanoma and other diseases.   

Option 2: $275.00. Your credit card will be charged a fee of $275.00. This fee is non-refundable. 
There is no fundraising commitment but please try to fundraise. As an incentive LIBC will refund $100 to you should you achieve the $750 in donations by October 1, 2020.